Monday, 14 April 2014

Kaiser Craft 'Kaleidoscope' Collection...

Today, I wanted to share with you a layout I created using the 'Kaleidoscope' collection by Kaiser Craft. I had this set of papers on my desk along with a new type of product we have recently added to the website ('Paper Soft Color') and wondered how I could combine the two on one layout ... and this is the end result:

Products used

 Kaiser Craft 'Kaleidoscope' Collection:

Additional items:

On the 'Layers' piece of paper I firstly stamped my ornamental corner stamp, applied clear embossing powder and then heated this. I then used a stippling brush and the 'Paper Soft Color' in Light Moss Green to create a soft effect - I went from outside of the paper and gradually worked my way in all around the page - including over the top of the embossed stamp image (you can wipe this gently with a wet cloth after to take any paper soft color away from the stamped image). The paper soft color gives a beautiful soft graduated effect and softens any edges of your paper - you can also blend two colours together.

Paper-Soft-Color instructions for graduated effects:

1. Dip a sponge into Paper-Soft Color.
2. With a gentle sweeping action apply Paper-Soft-Color.
3. Load a second Paper-Soft-Color onto a second sponge.
4. Apply the second colour over the first colour and gently rub the second colour into the first colour. This will deliver an interesting graduated colour effect.
~ Charlotte ~

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  1. Stunning layout, love the flowers and gorgeous pic x