Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Prima Marketing Cartographer

A layout using the 'Cartographer' collection by Prima Marketing ...

Products Used:

Prima Marketing 'Cartographer' Collection

This paper has a special ink resist pattern on it so when I applied the Paper Soft Color over the top of the resist areas it really highlights the pattern as the color only stays on the paper where the resist ink isn't. The Paper Soft Color is an ink which dries a chalky finish and can be blended to create beautiful delicate backgrounds:

For the Clock face and Treasured Memory chipboard pieces I dabbed these with a black ink pad and then whilst wet sprinkled over the Frantage Aged Silver Embossing Powder and heated. 

On the background paper (Parisian Anthology - Divine Damask Paper) I sprinkled the Frantage Aged Ivory Embossing Enamel over areas and heated from beneath the paper until it started to go tacky (if you heat from above when you loosely sprinkle embossing powder it will move around due to the heat gun). When it was starting to set I sprinkled some Crushed Glass glitter over the powder and heated until all of the embossing enamel was melted - this makes the crushed glass glitter stay in place.

~ Charlotte ~

True Romance by Kaiser Craft

Today I wanted to share this layout I created. For this layout I wanted to try the new Viva Decor Paper Soft Color products so after choosing Rose and Light Moss Green I mixed this with some Kaiser Craft 'True Romance' Papers and a black and white paper by Bo Bunny. I took the 'Moments' black and white paper by Bo Bunny and lightly applied the paper soft color around the edges with a stippling sponge brush to make it blend in with the other papers. Paper Soft Color is an ink yet when applied it dries a delicate almost chalky finish.

Sparkle Medium is also a new product at The Craftz Boutique - it is a glittery texture paste designed to be used with masks and stencils. For this layout I used the Sage Green sparkle medium with a Wild Lily stencil - you simply apply the paste over a stencil or mask with a pallet knife/spatula.

For all the products used in this layout see below.

Products used:

Kaiser Craft 'True Romance' Collection

I added these colours to the 'Moments Glitter Paper' around the edges with a stippling brush in a swirling movement to make this blend in with the Kaiser Craft papers and create a soft delicate effect.

I dabbed a black ink pad onto the chipboard and whilst this was wet covered it in the embossing enamel and heated for a vintage effect.

~ Charlotte ~

Monday, 14 April 2014

Kaiser Craft 'Kaleidoscope' Collection...

Today, I wanted to share with you a layout I created using the 'Kaleidoscope' collection by Kaiser Craft. I had this set of papers on my desk along with a new type of product we have recently added to the website ('Paper Soft Color') and wondered how I could combine the two on one layout ... and this is the end result:

Products used

 Kaiser Craft 'Kaleidoscope' Collection:

Additional items:

On the 'Layers' piece of paper I firstly stamped my ornamental corner stamp, applied clear embossing powder and then heated this. I then used a stippling brush and the 'Paper Soft Color' in Light Moss Green to create a soft effect - I went from outside of the paper and gradually worked my way in all around the page - including over the top of the embossed stamp image (you can wipe this gently with a wet cloth after to take any paper soft color away from the stamped image). The paper soft color gives a beautiful soft graduated effect and softens any edges of your paper - you can also blend two colours together.

Paper-Soft-Color instructions for graduated effects:

1. Dip a sponge into Paper-Soft Color.
2. With a gentle sweeping action apply Paper-Soft-Color.
3. Load a second Paper-Soft-Color onto a second sponge.
4. Apply the second colour over the first colour and gently rub the second colour into the first colour. This will deliver an interesting graduated colour effect.
~ Charlotte ~

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kaiser Craft 'Limelight' Now Available...

We now have the 'Limelight' paper collection by Kaiser Craft available in store. This set is perfect for any outdoors themed photos and we think it works really well for male layouts (always a challenge!) as shown in Kaiser Crafts layout below:

~ Charlotte ~

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sneak Peek...April 'Blubelle' Kit - Installment II

I wanted to give you a sneak peek today of the second installment of April's 'Blubelle' monthly kit which we released earlier this month. 

This kit uses the same collection as the first 'Blubelle' Kit yet different papers within the collection so these layouts will follow on nicely. We did use the Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Paste in Gunmetal which we used on the first kit in this kit also so if you purchased it for the first kit there is no need to buy an extra paste (depending on how much you used!)

~ Charlotte ~

Sunday, 6 April 2014

'Honey Chai' by Kaiser Craft

I wanted to share with you today a layout I created using the latest Kaiser Craft collection 'Honey Chai'...

I used Frantage Shabby White Embossing Enamel on the die-cut paper to add some texture - I simply sprinkled this straight onto the paper in an area, heated this from underneath the paper with a heat gun until it started to go tacky and then finished heating this from above as normal so that the powder did not disperse. I also added Frantage to the die-cut heart and chipboard. 

The flowers are cut from the 'Clove' Speciality paper and have a glossy finish.

Products Used:

Kaiser Craft Honey Chai

~ Charlotte ~

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sneak Peek of Second April Kit ... Coming Soon!

A sneak peek of the second kit to be released in April by The Craftz Boutique. A difficult kit to photograph due to being pale but as always it is much prettier in person - the Stampendous Frantage which was used on areas in this kit was the first time I have used this and it is so pretty when the light is shining on it! It will definitely be featuring on more of my layouts!

The Frantage embossing powder gives a beautiful vintage finish - it features gold particles and glitter as well as the colour chosen and can be used on paper and embellishments. 

When applying the Frantage embossing enamel, we simply sprinkled this over our page where we wanted it (no need to use an ink pad for it to adhere to). We then heated this with our heat gun from underneath the layout/picture for a while so that the embossing enamel melted slightly - enough to adhere slightly to the page. We then heated this from above the layout as you would normally do with embossing powders. By heating this from the underneath side first simply stops the powder from moving around and off the page due to the heat gun. 
We also applied the Frantage to our paper flowers - we simply sprinkled the powder over the petals and heated from high above to stop the powder dispersing off the flowers.

Frantage with the lace and chipboard: We inked our lace and chipboard first with the Ranger Ink Embossing Pad, sprinkled the Frantage and heated in a similar way to any embossing powder.

~ Charlotte ~