Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Creating a decorative circle using a Martha Stewart 'Punch Around the Page Set'

Today I wanted to share how I created the punched circle on our latest monthly kit:

To create the punched circle I used the same punch set which created the shaped design around the outside of the page on the same layout. With this punch set you receive a border punch and a corner punch:

For the circle you will need to use just the corner punch from the set. 
Start by cutting a circle from your patterned paper - I cut my circle to 8.5"

Flip the punch over so that you can see where the design will cut and align it so that the top edge of the design is on the edge of your circle. 

Punch and you should then end up with this:

 To punch the next part you want to again align the top of the punch design to the edge of your circle and align the edge of the punch design to where the cut out part of the circle is from your previous cut:

 Simply continue all around the circle until it is complete:

If you have any questions at all please let me know.

You can find this particular punch here.

~ Charlotte ~

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